Office Relocation

Office Relocation

Office Relocation

If you’ve decided that it’s time to move your office space, we can help. Whether you’re moving across town or across the state, Trunk Moving Co can help you move anywhere in North Carolina.

Trunk Moving Co was able to help us move all of our office furniture as well as years and years of paperwork. They helped us to pack and even set everything up in our new space. You guys were really a lifesaver. Thank so much!
Larry Watson

As you prepare to move, there’s a lot to think about. Not only do you have to consider if all of the furniture and cubicles will fit, but you need to consider purchasing new items. We can help you pick that up as well! Here are some things to think about for your office relocation.

    • MOVE COORDINATOR: Select a move coordinator or multiple move coordinators, depending on the size of your business.
    • OBTAIN BUILDING ACCESS: Determine if you’ll need access into your old or new building for move hours/days.
    • ELEVATOR ACCESS: If your office is on a floor that’s not at ground level, ascertain whether you’ll need to schedule elevator access at both origin and destination.
    • PARKING FOR MOVING TRUCK: Reserve parking for loading at current site and unloading at new site.
    • PERMITS: Investigate into whether you’ll need to obtain any special moving and/or parking permits.
    • IT SUPPORT: Identify a member of your IT staff to be on site when you disconnect and reconnect your servers and/or data centers. If you don’t have a dedicated IT staff person, consider outside support.
    • TECHNOLOGY PACKING: Arrange to have the following sensitive items packed and moved by trained professionals: Computers, Telephone Equipment, Networking Equipment and Servers
    • FLOOR PLAN: Establish seating assignments and floor plan of your new space.
    • PACKING STAFF: Determine packing needs for each employee.
    • PACKING OFFICE: Determine common area packing requirements.
    • COMPLIANCE: Develop a plan for protection of confidential information, especially if your office needs to maintain HIPAA compliance.
    • PACKING SCHEDULE: Establish a packing schedule and determine what can be packed in advance, what needs to be packed last, etc. so that your business can continue to operate as efficiently as possible with the least amount of interruption during the transition.
    • LABELING BOXES: Establish and communicate packing/labeling guidelines with staff and Move Coordinators. Ensure boxes are properly packed and labeled with office location, importance and content
    • SUPPLIES: Obtain packing supplies. Be sure to ask us about boxes, bubble wrap, blankets and dollies.
    • PROTECT WALLS/FLOOR OF OLD AND NEW SPACE: Arrange for protection of floors, walls and elevators.

Why Do People Move?

  • Housing
  • Family-Related
  • Housing

Most people move for the same reasons. 90% of people move because they want another home (42%), family (28%), and work (22%).

Interesting Stats About Moving

Everyone seems to have statistics about something, don’t they? Well, we have some about moving! We think they’re pretty interesting and you probably will too.


    The best days to move are Tuesday and Wednesday. Want to know why? Call us and ask!

Nearly 20% of people schedule their move on a Friday.

Nearly 50% of residential moves occur in May, July, August and September.

Interesting Facts About North Carolina

  • US News & World Report ranked Charlotte #14 in the Top Places to Live in 2017.
  • US News & World Report ranked Raleigh/Durham #7 in the Top Places to Live in 2017.
  • Moving to NC gives you bragging rights. You can thank us for Cheerwine, Krispy Kreme, and Pepsi.
  • The Outer Banks is where Orville and Wilbur Wright flew the first airplane winning North Carolina the accolade of “first in flight.”
  • North Carolina offers amazing opportunities to do all kinds of things! From the Smoky Mountains and Blue Ridge Parkway, to the Outer Banks and Emerald Isle, our state is a natural wonderland. You can spend your weekends exploring the 50,000 acres of the Uwharrie National Forest or hiking to Whitewater Falls, take a walk across the Mile High Swinging Bridge and take in the view of Grandfather Mountain.