How to Properly Pack a Box with Fragile Items

How to Properly Pack a Box with Fragile Items

How to Properly Pack a Box with Fragile Items

Have you wondered how to pack heavy items when you’re moving? So have a lot of people. We’re going to share a few ways to do that. Packing can really be one of the most important parts of your move. And how to do this properly is important. What else is important? Safety, protecting your property, and preventing personal injury.

Here are a few tips for packing heavy items that can prove to be very helpful to you:

  • Use appropriate packing materials and not sub-standard materials

Packing materials are designed for two main purposes. To provide protection to the items being shipped and also to make them easier to carry around and arrange in the moving trucks.

The right type of packing supplies can help you ensure the safety of your heavy items and can help to prevent accidents and injuries during your move. You just need to make sure you use appropriate packing materials:

Use Stronger Boxes

Use heavy duty shipping boxes and double-ply cardboard boxes that will be strong enough to withstand the weight of your heavy items. Consider buying specialty boxes (book boxes, dish boxes, bottle boxes, picture boxes, etc.) for your more fragile and more valuable belongings.
Use Thicker Wrapping

The thicker the wrapping is, the less your risk of damage to the item and to the floor. In the unlikely event a heavy object is dropped while being carried around, you’re be happy you used the heavier protection. Thicker wrapping will also provide better protection if the items bump against each other or topple over during the move.

Use Sturdier Cushioning

Just using paper won’t be enough when you need to cushion heavy items in a box. It will compress and won’t be able to carry the weight and won’t provide adequate protection.

  • Other Things to RememberNever use old boxes or boxes that are not especially designed for moving for packing heavy items.
  • Do not skimp on packing materials when preparing heavy household items for shipment.
  • Improvised packing and wrapping materials won’t provide adequate protection to your heavy belongings and you may end up spending much more on repairing or replacing something.
  • Use small moving boxes for packing heavy items.
  • Reinforce the boxes with heavy duty packing tape.
  • Line the bottoms of the boxes with large size bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or corrugated cardboard for added safety.
  • Prepare your heavy items for packing.

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