Top Five Reasons to Move to Eastern NC

Top Five Reasons to Move to Eastern NC

Top Five Reasons to Move to Eastern NC

Top Five Reasons to Move to Eastern NC

If you are considering relocating here are five reasons that will have you ready to pack your bags and move to Eastern North Carolina.


  1. It’s Affordable.


Moving to areas like; Raleigh, Durham, Greenville and Fayetteville will allow you more bang for your buck. If you choose to live in the inner city or prefer more space in the suburbs it’ll fit into about anyone’s budget. You’ll be able to live anywhere and still have money left over for a trip to the mountains or Carolina Beach.

  1. Perfect Location.


Cities like Raleigh and Durham are in the perfect locations. They are in the middle of the mountains and the beach. Every weekend will be full of road trips and exploring the cities around you. There are also awesome things to do in each city so you don’t have to always travel to far away from home. Head west towards the mountains you get to camp, walk the trails and bond with family and friends. Going further east you get relaxation on the beach, getting active to kayak, or go fishing.


  1. The Food.


There is always something to eat. You will never get bored or starve. Go down to Six Forks in Raleigh and eat at Cowfish. Head to Fayetteville and visit Totopos Street Food & Tequila. There are so many hidden gems located in eastern North Carolina it’ll take you years to eat at them all. With all the money you saved from your move, it will definitely be going towards the food.


  1. The City is your Gym.


Why get a gym membership when state parks in the city are free. No one wants to in a crowded gym when the great outdoors exist. Heading to Eno State Park for a quick hike or Jordan Lake State Recreation Area to swim, fish, or sail. There are outdoor yoga classes that include doing yoga and having beer or doing yoga with goats. If you prefer to work out in groups you can join GoRun based in Greenville they run on the weekly basis.


  1. The Sense of Community.


It’s a known fact that people in the south are sweet like their sweet tea and this proves true. In Eastern North Carolina there is a sense of community outside of your neighborhood with your neighbors and friends. There is a sense of community everywhere you go, from complete strangers from the grocery store clerk to the server at your favorite restaurant. They spark up a conversation and you will talk about any and everything. They help you with directions and give you the recipe to a made from scratch cake. The people make you feel comfortable and it’s a great place to be.


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